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45\steel spur gear has 12t pinion and 14mm hole. It is designed for hk-22 series helicopter engines. This gear comes in 7 sizes. Great little favorite Co. guarantees the quality of bottle labels. Select from a range of tooth numbers to meet your requirements. Please read on for more details. Some of the benefits of this device are listed below. They are durable. You can also find various sizes.
Durable 12T Pinion
Whether you need a reliable, ultra strong or 12 speed gear bike, you need a durable 12t pinion. Unlike cheap,Low quality steel pinion and hardened carbon steel pinion will not wear quickly and can maintain their shape for a long time. This means reducing the wear of the main gear and improving efficiency. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of this transmission. The high-performance 12-t-tooth pinion is made of special steel for unparalleled durability and concentricity. The pinion is elaborately made on a special gear machine, which can provide ultra precision tooth shape, vibration free operation and precise size. Each pinion is marked with the number of teeth to ensure an accurate fit, and they can take any gear size. Unlike other types of pinion, this high-end pinion is designed for durability.
The durable 12t pinion can improve the efficiency of the bicycle transmission system and ensure longer riding time. These durable pinions are made of hardened carbon steel and are very tough. These pinions will maintain their shape to prevent premature gear shedding. The longer the pinion stays in its proper position, the less the wear of the main gear. The following are the advantages of these pinions. Read on to learn more about them.
Specially designed for hk-22 series helicopter engine
12t pinion is designed for hk-22 series helicopter engine. These motors are designed to use tilt pinions made of hardened steel. This pinion will allow the helicopter to fly at a head speed of approximately 3700 rpm. This pinion is designed for the installation of helicopters with 0.6 modules. The motor can also operate on a battery pack as small as 3 batteries. Hk-4020 series helicopter engine is designed for class 450 electric helicopter. These motors can provide all the power required while maintaining excellent efficiency and cold running characteristics. The motors are available in 3 sizes depending on the number of batteries and the drive. They are also compatible with Trex 700e helicopters and MSH PROTOS. This article outlines how to find the right engine for your helicopter.
Designed for align CNC main drive gear
H60g001xx align CNC helical main drive gear is a 112 tooth helical main drive gear. It is a precision CNC machined part designed to reduce noise levels while providing high energy transmission efficiency. Align CNC main drive gears are compatible with many different brands of remote control helicopters. Available in a variety of sizes.

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