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China Professional 70-1721045 Agricultural spare parts 20T Ring Gear For MTZ Tractor near me manufacturer

The 20t ring gear of MTZ tractor is an important part of the tractor final drive system. Its quality and durability make it an important part of tractor main reducer. Whether your tractor is old or new, these parts are Tractor efficiency. However, when selecting 20t ring gear for MTZ tractors, there are some precautions to be taken.
Ring Gear
If you want to replace the final drive gearbox of MTZ tractor, you must first understand the function of the product. It is made of a cast aluminum body and includes a control panel in the tractor cab. The final drive gearbox is equipped with reduction gears Belarus -1523/1523v/1523v. 3. The panel displays the parameters to be programmed, their values and their functions. It is an important component in the power transmission system, which converts the force transmitted by the engine into torque. It is also connected to sprockets, tracks and tires. The purpose of the final drive gearbox is to absorb the feedback from the engine so that the tractor can operate in harsh conditions without failure. It is the last part of the power system and is usually the most expensive part of the tractor. Before purchasing the final drive gearbox for the 20t ring gear mtz-82, it is important to understand the capacity of the oil tank and engine oil. The tank capacity is 120 liters. The PD-10 starter engine has 1.9 liters. The carburetor engine is used to start the engine, which can be easily started even at freezing temperature. Finally, the tractor engine is equipped with an electric starter with a heater and a single-stage gearbox.
The final transmission of MTZ tractor is used to transport heavy loads. The rear drive axle can be removed to facilitate this test. Disconnect the front drive axle and remove the rear drive axle. Before completing the test, manually rotate the final drive pinion shaft to determine its torque. Then, check the bearing clearance. If necessary, adjust the tension of the roller bearing by adjusting the washer thickness.
The main reducer of MTZ tractor is composed of 2 main structural elements: driving gear and driven gear. The drive gear is the basic component and is mounted on the axle housing with a paronite gasket. The main gear shaft is secured to the final drive housing by 13 bolts and 2 studs. Eleven of the bolts are mounted on the outside of the drive gear and the remaining 2 bolts are located inside the bevel gear compartment. The internal bolts can be accessed through the side cover. The spring washers and stud nuts installed under the external bolts are sealed with steel wire.
The final drive of MTZ tractor is used for power transmission. It works with planetary gears to transmit torque from the engine to the wheels. The drive gear rotates with the drum and bevel gear rim. The main faults of the drive axle include increased clearance of the main gear drive shaft, increased noise during movement and oil leakage from the gearbox joint housing. These problems will lead to many setbacks and damages.
How to adjust the Ring Gear of MTZ tractor? First, you need to check the speed sensor. It should be adjusted according to the transmission ratio of the tractor. Three auxiliary bolts enter the pressing plate and back plate. Then, you need to unscrew the nuts that secure the clutch, pressure plate and back plate. You must then be ready for the tractor to run.
The geometry of the tractor rear axle provides excellent traction performance and mobility. Smaller radius
The track allows the tractor to run smoothly and efficiently in all types of terrain, including muddy, smooth and slippery
Region. In addition, it has a horn switch and a direction indicator shift knob. In the instrument panel, you can find the ammeter, oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge. The indicator will alert you of any faults.When starting and stopping MTZ 900 series tractors, turn the power control handle to the front position. This will engage the tractor’s power governor. In addition, the rear PTO must be adjusted to align with the middle hole of the blade. Finally, make sure that the driveline overlap is at least 2 inches. This will prevent damage to the tractor gearbox.

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